History of the company

Diana Kaghaz was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer of paper products (kraft, test liner ,fluting, top white). Over the past decade we have gained significant market share through offering high quality products with competitive prices.
In 2016, to expand vertically into downstream industries we founded Ava Carton. Ava Carton began production in the same year. Later, we began exports to Iraq, Oman, and the UAE under the commercial name of Hamedan Pack (Hamedan is the city in which the manufacturing operations are located). In 2017, we extended our product portfolio by becoming the sole representative of Haraz Aluminum.
We are now proud to have reached annual exports of over $11M. In 2020, to consolidate and optimize our exporting operations and further expand our market presence, Karen Raman was founded as a specialized exporting subsidiary.